Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Funny

I just have to share this.

I was driving the kids to school this morning.
The sky was flashing with lightening.
The rain was so intense I could hardly see the road.
I dropped kids off safe and sound
and headed back home with a morning radio show
dialed in to keep me company
and keep my mind off the storm outside.
(driving in rain w/bald tires = worry)

The morning personalities had a comedian in house.
Luckily I was pulling into the driveway as he threw out his first lines.
If not, I may have driven straight into a ditch!
My day started with a huge belly laugh!!!!
Wish I knew who he was so I could
a. thank him
b. give him credit

Comedian speaking of online dating sites:
Every woman's profile has the same thing.
I love moonlit walks on the beach.
I love moonlit walks on the beach.
I love moonlit walks on the beach.

So one night I went to the beach.

There were at least 500 women walking around!

Buah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!
Is it just me? or is that funny?
So obvious yet I never thought of it or heard it before.
Totally got me.

Hope it made you smile too.
Nothing like starting out the week with a belly laugh.

Have a blessed and happy week my friends.

p.s. can you believe I was able to get that moon shot with my little digital?


Caroline said...

Oh that's funny! Always fun to start Monday with a laugh...

John said...

There will be men contacting you for the address of that beach :)!

Very good and funny.

G-Pride Farm said...

Nothing like morning talk shows to get us going in the mornings. I love morning traveling and listening, but rarely listen to them at home. Maybe morning routines should be re-evaluated for me. Hope you have more in the days to come which make you laugh.

Jaime said...

I wish I lived in an area where we got thunder storms. We don't get many on the coast.

Every time I laugh out loud in my car, I wonder what the people passing by are thinking...this strange girl in her car, all by herself, laughing hysterically. lol. I'm glad they made you laugh too. :)

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