Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Funny I Promised Yesterday


     I believe it is possible my daughter has a literal heart of gold. Her disposition is so sweet, I swear she could cause cavities. I have never heard a negative or mean thing come from her mouth. Ever! That's why, when on Valentine's Day she presented this card to her three older brothers, I was so surprised!

Image © Madelynn Retzlaff

     I don't care for the word "hate" and try to disuade my children from using it unless they really, really, really thought it through and still mean it (usually reserved for non-human subjects like "I hate violence").
     I looked at her sweet face smiling up at her big brothers and saw the chuckles they released. When they passed the card to me, I was surprised into silence followed by roaring laughter. For some reason, I found it to be the funniest card evah!
     Perhaps it is her innocent age and nature lacking the full understanding of what she wrote. Perhaps it was her genuine loving delivery of the card. Perhaps it was her unguarded honesty! Whatever the reason, the card ended in love so it's all good!


beth said...

i love kids !

that is so funny and like you said, because it was unpredictable, with a bit of honesty....well it made for a valentine's day no one will forget :)

John said...

So sweet and honest.

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love it!
love, love, love it!
i can think of several relationships in my life
where it would be a perfect fit:)

april said...

It's great! "...and saw the chuckles they released." Siblings all have their "days" and I think this honesty made those big brothers all think - it's a good thing!

Jess said...

Pure awesome right there!

Jaime said...

It ended in love. That's what's most important, right?
lol...so cute.

And I love your comment about how she could cause cavities. Love that. :)

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