Friday, February 1, 2013


     Look at this adorable post office! What a lovely little piece of history. It is currently open for business but is at risk of closure.
     You, my friends, can help save this post office with the simple and affordable act of sending a postcard. How easy is that? Rather than tell you all the details here on my blog, let me guide you to the owner's page.
     Jane Davies is a fellow blogger and wonderful artist. Check out her post HERE. You can read about the post office, how you can help, and how being one of the first 200 to join in would make you the proud recipient of an art postcard. Oh, and make sure to check the bottom of her post for an adorable video of chickens chillin' at the office. Perhaps they should rename Rupert "Quaint City".  


Em said...

This is very cool. I will definitely do this. Thanks for the heads up.

Jane Davies said...

Thanks for posting this!!!

John said...

Hope it all works out.

Jennifer Richardson said...

how cool is THIS?
i'm so glad little places
like this still exist.
love the idea....thanks!

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