Friday, February 8, 2013

Guinea Pigs

     My daughter's teacher is on maternity leave. The class has a long-term substitute. The class recently completed a poetry unit in which the teacher told the students that she adored bacon and promised if they produced enough bacon poems, she would throw them a bacon party. The children came through. The teacher claimed they had run out of time. No party.
     This week my daughter was Star Student. Star Student is allowed to bring a treat. We decided to surprise the kids with bacon cupcakes. A mini-bacon party! I have never tasted a bacon cupcake but have read about them several times (internet of course). 

Fact #1 - Everyone loves bacon
Fact #2 - Sweet and salt are the best combination evah
Assumed Fact #3 - bacon cupcakes will be a hit with a group of children deprived of a promised bacon party.
     The cupcakes were painstakingly lovingly made from scratch with the finest ingredients (organic butter, grade A maple syrup, preservative free bacon, etc...). A full evening later, the cupcakes were done. I sampled. They were... interesting.
     Not being a cake eater myself, I served a cupcake to each family member to ask what they thought. Here are the results...
They're good!  X3
Interesting  X1
Don't care for  X1

     That's when it occurred to me. Yes, at 9pm the night before treat day, it occurred to me that a group of 24 third graders might not appreciate being guinea pigs for a new recipe. I asked Darling Daughter if I should run out and buy some pre-made cookies (just in case) and she insisted on the bacon cupcakes (which she adored). I left the decision up to her, suggesting she not take offense if no one took them or liked them!
     Thursday, Darling Daughter arrives to school with more than two dozen Bacon Cupcakes. They were a hit! Only one child declined the offer. Everyone who tried them liked them. One boy asked if he could have the extras (which were delivered around the school to teachers & staff).
     I will share the link to the recipe website but I would suggest adding some applesauce or honey to the batter as they turned out a bit dry. They are officially kid approved!

I am NOT nor do I claim to be a food/product photographer. Please excuse the distasteful picture!  ;)

Darling Daughter's Bacon Poem #1

Makin' some bacon
Sizzling, jumping bacon
Bacon up high
Bacon down low
Bacon everywhere
That's how to go
~Madelynn Retzlaff


Glenn Stenson said...

Star student! Poetess!! Lovely post!

"Cut 'em into bacon, slice 'em into ham,
chop 'em into hot dogs, squeeze 'em into spam.
throw their beady little piggy eyes out into the rain.
Pickle their feet and pickle their brains." ~ Greg Brown

John said...

Ooh! I feel hungry now! Great poem too from Madelynn.

Kim Mailhot said...

Nice job, Momma ! I can see that salty sweet mix being mighty tasty !

Jennifer Richardson said...

absolutely glorious:):):)
thanks for the bacony wonder,

Jaime said...

Haha! I've seen something similar at my favourite local cupcake store. Bacon was one of the flavours of their "man" cupcakes. lol.
I'm glad they were such a hit!

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