Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prideful Share

Weeks worth of emotions, thoughts and words are ruminating in my brain, their current consistency too thick to plate (upon the page). With a bit more time to marinatee they will become tender and more favorable a dish to pass.

For the time being, I am sharing a poem written by my eleven year old son. Bloody brilliant if you ask me! This mom is so impressed!

Element Poetry
by Carter Retzlaff

Shiny, rarity
Melting, freezing, bending
Jewelry, electricity, dentistry, bedrock
Dissolving, reflecting, shaping
Valued, attractive

 Poetry © Carter Retzlaff

(I had to ask what "Au" meant. It's the elemental abbreviation for gold on the periodic table. He is already learning chemistry, a subject never presented in my education.)


Em said...

That poem is wonderful! You've a poet in your home. What a great job he did on that.

Seriously, very well done.

Em said...

PS I don't blame you for being proud!

Jan said...

Ruminate as long as needed but feel free to purge when you get the urge.
Your son is a much better poet than I. Au, I learned something new today.

Jennifer Richardson said...

brilliant, indeed,
and i know just what you mean
about marinating and waiting:)
life is sweet, just the same.
bravo to your young poet,

Kim Mailhot said...

Golden !!!
May the marinating make it all tender and easier to digest.
Happy Wednesday !

Elena said...

Way to go little guy! Love the poem...and yep sure glad you included definition for Au ;)

Jaime said...


Even though it is all about gold, I love how the words created a diamond shape.

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