Saturday, December 24, 2011


It may appear that we are alone on our journey through life,
but one need only to look to the left or the right
to see that we are not alone. We are walking side by side.

With deep gratitude I thank each one of you for being by my side.


A wish, a kiss, a blessing
sent out onto the air
praying it reaches your doorstep
and finds you waiting there.

May your heart open wide and fill with love.
May your soul feel light and free.
May you find magic in the air this holiday season
and love filled gifts under your tree.

I thank you and love you for being here.
Your friendships and support touch my heart.
May God bless you this holiday season.
May the New Year bless you from finish to start.


Robin said...

Oohhhh! Beautiful photo, beautiful thoughts and REALLY beautiful poetry!! Thank you!! (((HUGS))) Have an awesome day!!

beth said...

this is so beautiful lynn....i hope you and your family are truly blessed this christmas with more love then you know what to do with.....xoxo

Glenn Stenson said...

Can I hitch a ride with you cuz your verse is as lovely as your soul?

John said...

Great message Nacherluver from the heart and soul. Thank you for being you, one of a kind!

Jennifer Richardson said...

so much peace in this beautiful
greeting....such a soft sweet blessing.
And you....such a shiny bright
blessing to ME!
I'm so grateful for your muchness;
thanks for sharing,

Jan said...

belated blessings for you, beautiful writer that you are.

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