Monday, December 19, 2011

Much Needed Message

I received the following message to my inbox yesterday. Boy! Did I ever need it! I mean, I really, really needed it. Now to get some ink so I can print it out and hang it on my bedroom wall. If you are interested in receiving inspiring quotes and posts full of wisdom, visit The Daily Love and sign up for their daily mail. Your life will be better for it!

The following is a message from Mastin of "The Daily Love".
Thank you, thank you Mastin for your daily dose of lve.

As TDL is expanding, I've had to let go of a lot of sh*t.

It's crazy, actually. The craziest realization is the realization that I am worthy of receiving awesome stuff - but I have to let go of control.

My mom recently told me that she had an "invisibility complex" where she didn't see herself growing up. She is doing AMAZING personal growth work right now; it's sooo inspiring to me to see her set an awesome example of leadership and growth.

And personal growth is like an onion, there's always another layer. And when my mom mentioned this to me - not only did it resonate as true for her, but it resonated as true for me. I realized that growing up, and even a lot still today, I would do whatever I could to help others, and in the process ignore myself. And while at the beginning that was cool, what started to happen was I would build up resentment inside myself because I wasn't seeing me, and as a result others weren't either! And when I didn't have the tools or awareness, I would actually blame other people for not seeing me, instead of realizing that when I see myself and act accordingly, life changes for the better.

When she told me she had this thing where she felt invisible, it was like a million pieces of things I didn't understand all came into focus and the truth hit me like a TON of BRICKS - life turned out how it did because I wasn't really seeing myself. And even if I was seeing myself, I didn't have the belief that I was enough. I think this is a hard lesson for folks to learn. We don't want to be selfish; we don't want to be narcissistic - isn't it true? But, like the wisdom of the airplane stewardess who asks us to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others, it's important that we help and see ourselves so we can best show up for other folks.

Isn't it true? Yeah, it was a big wake up call for me.

So now I ask myself - "Mastin, how can you see yourself today and in this moment?" I ask, "What do you feel is missing from this moment and how can you BRING what you feel is missing to it?"

These questions have really helped to change my life for the better - and on top of that, they've helped to guide me to remember who is ultimately responsible for the emotions I feel - which is of course me! :o)

So if you are living a life where you don't feel seen, then my friend, I'm asking you - do you see yourself? Do you see your true needs and are your standards high enough so that they are being met? If not - now that you know better - what are you going to do? Let me know:

Lots of love,



Glenn Stenson said...

I see you clearly; you are not invisible to me. And what I see is incredibly awesome! Just open your left eye, girl. You'll discover the same as me.

Jan said...

Good wisdom indeed! Thanks for sharing this, I shall re-read it and take it to heart, it is striking home.

Jennifer Richardson said...

woah. I can so relate.
so much wow!
thanks for this stirring share.
light and love to you
in all of your muchness,

John said...

Thank you for sharing Nacherluver.

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