Thursday, December 1, 2011


Do these cinnamon rolls make my butt look big?

Now to get my mouth to care!

I made a batch yesterday.

They are unbelieveable!

Santa should definitely put them on the naughty list!

Want to make your own?

WARNING! You'll want to eat everything too!
LOVE this sight!


Robin said...

I am fasting for bloodwork later today and you post THIS photo?!?!??! God, life is unfair sometimes!!! I think I will make them when I get home. OOPS!! NO!! I have flags to make!!! Such trial and tribulations you put me thru Nacher!!! teehee!! Enjoy your rolls---your butt can recover later!!!

beth said...

for these i'd let my butt not care.....xo

Jan said...

oh yeah. thanks. thanks a lot;-)

Karen Wallace said...

What a photo!!!!! Hugs Karen

Being Julia said...

My bum is squeeling with joy! : P

Thanks for making my mouth water! I have to say i am still laughing!

Caroline said...

OMG...OMG! I want. Going to check out that site now!!!

Anonymous said...

im not so worried about my butt, but my belly... hmm thats another story. but with yumminess like these? it would be totally worth it.

John said...

Not fair, you've got my mouth watering..............And I am not even hungry.

Glenn Stenson said...


Jennifer RIchardson said...

Just beautiful,
I'm headed to the kitchen....

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