Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Joy!!!!

Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day!!!

I am sooo happy!
My quaint little "N" has been included in an Etsy treasury!
Surrounded by other brilliant "n's"

Check it out HERE 

 Incredible thanks to the lovely lady who included me.
It was the sign I needed. 
The kick in the pants.
The ego boost.

I am going to list more items ToDaY!!!
I am going to start back up on my artwork as well.
I needed the love. The acceptance.

The picture is a bit blurry. 
I am still learning how to take product shots.
Don't list much, make much
or promote much.

I have self-doubted long enough.
I have put off and procrastinated.
How to improve, to move forward, to practice
when I'm standing in my own way,
holding myself back?

Today that changes.

Today is the day!!!!


Elena said...

WHOO HOO! CONGRATS! It's a great N too. But I totally love your last paragraph. Oh and thanks so very much for your cool comments in my blog.


painted fish studio said...

wow, i love that N of yours! and whooooooo to your first treasury! :)

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