Friday, August 6, 2010

Photo Friday

Made it back from vacation.

There were high points...

There were low points...
$2500 in auto repair
days spent on auto repair
strange and damaging storms
even stranger injuries

It was definitely memorable! 
This weekend will be spent regrouping and recouping.
See you on Monday!

May your weekend be full of amazement and wonder ;)



lori vliegen said...

welcome home!!! i hope that the high points of your vacation were higher than the low points.....$2500 in car repairs is kinda hard to swallow!! yikes!!

G-Pride Farm said...

See your home from vacation. Looking forward to hearing how it went, the good and the bad. Is everyone safe and sound in bed catching up on sleep?

Elena said...

Sounds like a 'rounded' vacation. I agree with Lori, hope the good is more than the bad.

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