Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Words of Inspiration

I wanted to share my first Etsy Treasury with you. I have never put one together before but felt compelled to do so. I chose "Inspirational Words" as my focus.

Please click the link to enjoy all the beautiful creations and bask in the inspiration :)


p.s. does anyone know how to get the treasury to show as a photo in my blog? I tried putting the URL in the "add photo" section but it would not go :(
p.p.s. for anyone who has created a treasury before, does it automatically inform all those artisans whose art you have included in your treasury?

Thanks for any insight. I truly appreciate help when I'm stumbling.

1 comment:

aimee said...

hi! i did a screen capture (just google "screen capture" for your kind of computer and it will tell you the command) and then saved it for web and attached the image in my blog post. there might be easier ways, but that worked for me. also, no, etsy does not notify the treasury folks - you have to send them a convo to let them know.

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