Monday, August 23, 2010

Motivation for Monday

Let me set you off this fine Monday morning
with some motivational words
brought to you by my always wise
bag of Dove Dark Chocolate.
(gotta grab a Dove to ward off the menstrual symptoms)

Today's words of wisdom and motivation...

drum roll please...

ta da da da da da da
(lame attempt at drum roll)

Dove says, "You go, girl! You deserve this!"

Oh yes I do!
and so do YOU!

Go out and grab your day,
chase your dreams,
live, laugh and love life.

 Boy, did I need that!


lori vliegen said...

eeeeek! i LOVE DOVES!! especially the dark!! you are speaking my kinda inspiration language! you go girl! you deserve one of these whenever the mood strikes you (and don't forget.....they're great for breakfast, too!! heeheehee!). xox, :))

julie Haymaker thompson said...

TEEE HEEE Does that mean I have to "Go Girl" by getting out of bed and start cleaning up after painting all day yesterday!! And I am so happy to be 52- NO MORE PERIODS!!!! Not all things aobut gettting older are bad. Thanks for the reminder as I ache all over from paintng walls and woodwork all day yesterday !!

vintagesusie & wings said...

Thanks so friend for stopping by my blog & letting me know a little more about you! I love that you & I have the same genetic disorder when it comes to baby's. Going to a different isle, I've done that many times.
I actually followed a Mother around Target not too long ago, cuz her 4 year old son was crying because he wanted to go "use the big boy potty" & this mother was completely ignoring him.
1st I was annoyed, then I was pissed, then I started to follow, then I went up & talked to him & said, "do you need to go potty honey"? Then said to Mom.."you're so lucky he can tell you when he needs to go potty"! Which she replied, "Yeah, isn't it great." & continued to shop while he continued to cry.
Arghhhhhh...I just had to get the heck away from her before I grabbed him up & took him myself & then would have probably been promptly handcuffed & escorted to the nearest police station. It make's me Crazy! LOL
Big Smiles,

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