Thursday, August 19, 2010


Wouldn't it be nice if the universe just dropped you a line?
A simple text or voice mail perhaps?

Instead we get this cryptic code
that we continually slap ourselves upside the head with
experiencing and re-experiencing events until the lesson is heard.

Or perhaps I am reading too much into things.

We spent $700 on our van before our CO trip.
This is a van that is paid for but also 10 years old.
Arrived in CO and husband, uncle, cousin spent two days fixing more problems
with me charging another $400.

Still making noises that were a bit suspicious, 
we continued our trip and made it safely home.
Miraculously it ends up.

As the miles went, the van noise increased.
Ends up the "rear end" was out.
Lots of metal shavings and shards in the Pumpkin.
Basically, there was metal spinning around inside the space
that houses the gears that run the wheels.

Purchased part for $1200
and waited two and a half weeks to get the part delivered.
vehicle no longer drivable.
Meanwhile relying on husbands 20 year old rusty clunker.

Yesterday the part was to finally arrive.
We would pay the $500 labor
and have a van by the end of the day.

Not so.

The evening before the part was to arrive...

We received the call, had to go down,
then to the cop shop to get report, then call body shops
insurance, yada yada yada.

Van is totaled. Damage done more than van value.
Insurance won't fix. Doors won't open.
We need new vehicle.

Here's the lesson.

I said to my friend...
"People say God only gives you what you can handle.
He must have a lot of faith in me!"

She says...
"Something big is coming for you. Something really great.
You have been through a lot with vehicle and family (long, hard story) lately.
You have to understand the lesson of what you can handle need not only apply to the bad.
It's the good too. 
Have faith in yourself and the goodness you deserve.
Your abilities.
Your worth.
God will only give you as much good as you can handle as well.
Make note of all the bad you endured and realize how much
good you deserve.
You have a lot of good due to you.
Let Him know you want it and can handle it.
It's coming your way."

Cool, huh?
I'm Ready For All The Good!!!!!!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh That just Sucks!!!! I feel for your pain . Sometime there just is no lesson to learn . In this situation a think you just plain got screwed !!! I am sooo sorry .

lori vliegen said...

your friend gives great advice!!! some days it pays to just stay in bed......and make sure you've got some chocolate nearby!!! xox, :))

aimee said...

OUCH! cars can be such thankless, resource sapping creatures!

Courtney said...

Poor friend! There is NEVER a good time to have to buy a new car. Feelin' your pain over here!!

John said...

So true re the universe, that school is definately hard!

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