Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To be continued...

Sunday's drive offered a stupendous suprise.

After a weekend long visit from my nephew,
we all loaded into the van to take him home.
On the drive
I spotted
a bunch of huge nests in trees.

On the way back
Darling Husband pulled over
to allow for closer inspection.
He's such a sport!

Lo and Behold, I think I have discovered
a Great Blue Heron Rookerie!
Want to know what one is?
Check here and read
under "nest sites and nests".

Too bad I didn't have my longer lens.
Yeah, I know. Real "techie" of me.
Check back tomorrow.
I'm heading there this afternoon
for some close-ups!!!!

1 comment:

*mary* said...

Good find. Look forward to the close-ups!

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