Friday, March 5, 2010


Life is full of changes.
Always has been.
Always will be.
Sometimes it seems
as if the seasons help us on our journey.
They set the example for us.

Summer is a time to enjoy. A time of celebration. A time of cooking out, going to the beach and soaking up the rays. Summer is a time to spread your wings and fly!
Fall tells us we should be thankful for our summer. Slow down. Relax and reflect. Be aware of the trees and animals as they get ready for slumber. Pull out the warm blankets and build a nice fire. Take cues from the Earth as she prepares for the winter.
Winter is for hibernation and rest. We cannot shut out the world and sleep for three months but we can certainly snuggle up with loved ones, warm our homes and tummies with warm baked goods and hot chocolate. Gather indoors with our loved ones and share our hearts over the holidays filling them with love.
Spring is a time to shake off all the winter cobwebs. Air out the house. Clean up the clutter. Pack away the heaviness of winter and step out into fresh air and endless new possibilities.

This darling little bulb is working its way up to the surface.
I planted several spring bulbs close to the house
and I watch them faithfully every year waiting for them.
They are my first sign of spring.

If I turn around, this is the scene behind me :)
Notice the bulb in the bush?
That is a remnant of Christmas past.
The snowbanks receding are another sign that spring is near.

I have been feeling the itch. The need for change. Desire to clean house. All for some time now. Just as I was on the verge of losing my patience, there she is. Mother Nature giving me the green light.

"It's time." she whispers in the breeze.

...and so I am off. Ready to spring clean my house, my life, my spirit.

Happy Cleaning!

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