Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Waking to Generosity

What a lovely morning I am having.
This morning found me feeling quite queasy. My rummy tum tum has not been well lately. The stress level in my life is partly to blame. Or should I say the way I have been responding to stress is to blame.
I had fear that my ill felt wakening would continue across my day causing a domino affect of yuck throughout. That fear was eased as I sat down to my computer to check in on my fellow bloggers. I was pleasantly surprised by a generous gift.

Patti, a very talented artist and fellow blogger (whom I faithfully follow) has posted a piece of her art and generously given permission for her blog followers to download and use (with the simple request of gifting back to her the credit for the piece).
Check out her blog! It's full of treasure! I bet you'll want to be a follower too! :)

P.S. Picture posted here is 25% of what Patti is offering. Love it? Visit Patti for the real deal :)

1 comment:

PBsArtStudio said...

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it and yes I'm flattered. This illustration is a gift to all my bloggers so its up to you what you do with it as long as you give me the credit i don't mind! It was very nice of you to blog about it! thanks again. :D

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