Monday, March 1, 2010

Join me...

I am: real
I think: too much
I know: I am a good mom
I want: to believe in myself in other areas of my life
I have: an awesome family
I dislike: meanness
I miss: my grandma
I fear: success, failure and exposure
I feel: deeply
I hear: the Earth pleading
I smell: way too much! (overactive sense of smell)
I crave: travel
I usually: am a glass half full kinda gal
I search: for answers
I wonder: about others
I regret: things I shouldn't
I love: my children
I care: what others think even though I know I shouldn't
I am always: self-critical
I worry: about my children and the earth
I remember: a fun and free childhood
I have: a lot to be thankful for
I dance: when no one is looking
I sing: often but not in public
I don’t always: feel secure
I argue: with my husband more than I should
I write: because I have to
I lose: sight of my goals
I wish: health and happiness for all whom I love
I listen: to birds, brooks and rock & roll
I don't understand: how people can be so mean and selfish
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: a lot
I need: understanding
I forget: my list when I go to the store
I am happy: I am alive

I found this great writing prompt here. You can follow the links back through many talented bloggers. Care to join? Post your own!

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