Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pondering the Struggle

Early morning.
Lying in bed with my love.
The birds wake, stretch, sing.
Earth quenching rain pouring down.
Trees dancing in the breeze as their thirst is met by the clouds.
Pondering the magic of life.
I am happy.

Sadness spontaneously washes over.
Life is beautifully amazing
yet such a struggle.
There is so much struggle.
When we get wrapped up in survival,
we don't really live.

Back I fall again.
Back into the moment.
My head rises with every breath of my husband's chest.
His heart beats strong and loud.
The birds are still singing,
trees dancing,
rain quenching.
Once again I am happy.
I am present.
I am alive.
I live.

Take time to live in the moment.
(Key word, live.)


Caroline said...

Love this post. Yes, life is a beautiful struggle at times...

Elena said...

Balance. Love. Beauty. You have it all my Sweets!

John said...

Wow, what a post!

Jan said...

spontaneous sadness, I get that too, out of the blue. Luckily for me it seems to come less and less as I get older, maybe I have learned to push it aside and celebrate the joy instead. So glad you are getting some rain!

beth said...

life is so much better than the alternative, no matter our struggles....so let's struggle together with smiles on our faces and fool everyone :)

Doris said...

Wonderful thoughts and words!

april said...

beautiful, Lynn.

Laura said...

right with you at every moment in your words..

Jennifer Richardson said...

thanks for letting us
sit quiet with you
alongside for the sweet ponder:)

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