Sunday, July 22, 2012


Sliding into warm moisture
body transformed to weightlessness
the magic of imagination begins.

Floating free
mind meanders
feelings of childlike wonder emerge.

Underwater world
sounds muffled yet magnified
toying with memories pulled from afar.

Swoosh swoosh boom boom
sound of the womb
sound of my own heart beating.

Lying, loving
warm and safe
world transformed to water

Time stops
transformation begins
entering a state of tranquility.

Roll over face under
holding breath long and hard
feeling at peace with the world.

Lungs grow tight longing for air
last minute breath
a sigh of relief.

Flip flop
splish splash
safe and serene.

Eyes closed
mind open
wandering near and far.

Study within
learning to live
with what's without.

Time moves
water cools
drain pressure released.

Lie still with waters release
lowering levels tickles my sides
weighted body remains.

Bittersweet release of solitude
as I step out of the tub
and prepare to greet the world once again.


John said...

I love a hot bath, it is just so, hmmmmmmmmmm.......... So well written Nacherluver and so true!

Jennifer Richardson said...

deeeeeeeeeep sigh:)
thank you for that long

Glenn Stenson said...

Eyes closed, but seeing the beauty within.

Elena said...

Oh so cool...sounds so meditative

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