Monday, July 16, 2012

Growing Pains

Looking across my brown, dead, dry, drought stricken lawn, I spotted this beauty basking in the sun.
I dare you to call it a weed! I see a glorious flower! An opportunist! A survivor! Alive!

Growing can be uncomfortable.
Nothing fits quite right.
Intrusive growing pains.
Feeling awkward.
Not sure what to expect.
Emotions all over the map.
Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new.
Learning to accept the new you while saying goodbye to the old.

I see my children going growing through change all the time.
They are growing up.
It is my job to be there for them.
Support them. Embrace them.
Teach them to accept and love themselves every step of the way.

I now see myself growing through change as well.
Spiritually and mentally.
I am learning it is my job to be there for myself as well.
To accept and love myself every step of the way.
Sometimes it feels awkward, uncomfortable, even hard.

Change is hard. Change is scary.
Sometimes it is absolutely necessary.
As I tear off the old ragged layers and snuggle into the new
I am finding comfort and beauty and happiness.

Lots of growing pains going on at my house.
With each new stretch of growth comes glory.


april said...

That can't be a's beautiful! And that comical strawberry on facebook - I thought it was a new breed of caterpillar! What a find!

John said...

What a beautiful flower Nacherluver. And what a great inspiring post!

beth said...

when you think about it, we grow everyday, don't we ?
somehow, we change and grow everyday....and if didn't, wow, wouldn't we be boring as hell :)

Jan said...

That's not a weed! That is vetch, an important plant growing in my hay field, nutritious for my llamas! And beautiful to boot.
If we don't grow and change, we become stagnant. Growing and changing is better than stagnation.

Jennifer Richardson said...

ohhhh, I can so relate, friend!
and that plucky survivor
radiating all that purpleness
is most welcome to these
heat-worn eyes.
And your words were like balm.
big tender hug
and thank you,

april said...

Vetch! That's what it is; thanks Jan. I see them growing on the side of roads when we're traveling. Yes, wonderful post, Lynn.

Salem Witch Child said...

Weeds are some of the prettiest and most useful plants. Take dandelions for example. :)

Glenn Stenson said...

Change we must, like it or not. You are a beautiful wild flower.

Jess said...

Change is soooo hard for me (perhaps the only thing harder is asking for help). And I agree, no way is that a weed!

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