Friday, February 17, 2012

Swallowed Whole

Do you ever have days like this?

Where you feel like you're being swallowed whole?

I've had a few weeks of that now.
Can't get ahead.
Going nowhere.
Dazed and confused.
Feeling like I'm being swallowed whole.

Dori was a smart fish, but sometimes
"Just keep swimming" isn't enough. 
Sometimes you have to swim harder and faster!
Perhaps it's time to stop swimming altogether.

I think it's time to get in the boat and start driving!

 On to an adventurous weekend.

Because I said so!



T.J. said...

This picture is worth 1000 words- just like the words you wrote here! I recently came out of those jaws and am feel much more grounded? balanced maybe? How about capable of at least holding on for the ride!!!!

John said...

Now that post was distinctly fishy......... A very good one though Captain, get on your boat :)

Jan said...

So...where did you go? Pick up any spoons along the way?

Jaime said...

Oh, I feel your pain, I really do... but I laughed out loud when I saw that picture! lol!!! So adorable!

Hang in there my friend... this too shall pass. xo

Silke said...

I felt that way last year - a lot! Like I couldn't catch my breath. I think your idea of getting in the boat is a good one... Hope you had a fun weekend! Hugs, Silke

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