Tuesday, February 21, 2012


She lost her voice to the wind so long ago, she could no longer recall how it felt to speak. Her fears, her pain, even the occasional moment of happiness remained trapped behind the cork of suppression. 

"Children should be seen, not heard." hollered the old wind of childhood.
"I instruct, you obey. It is the only way." demanded the rigorous winds of learning.
"Conform and worship for now you are mine." whooshed the wind of marital expectation.
"Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection." (I Timothy 2:11) blew the wind of religion.

The wind is a powerful force. If subjected to harsh winds for long enough, erosion takes place and eventually total destruction. A voice, she learned, can only take so much wind force before it is silenced for good.


Elena said...

I'm glad you're honoring and capturing the glimpses. Powerful.

Jan said...

I love your photo but your words would be even more intriguing with some of your more personal art accompanying them.

Glenn Stenson said...

When are you going to come out and play with me again?

John said...

Wow Nacherluver, a truly inspired piece of writing about life! Great photograph. I pray that the wind from now on in your life is like the gentle warm Spring breeze full of hope and anticipation of a wonderful summer.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I've been disheveled by
all of those wicked winds.
Grateful for fresh winds
that blow true breezes
that lift and lighten
and love away the toxic residue
left behind
by the destructive haze
of those weird distorted winds.
Life send you freshness
in every breath,

april said...

Ooooo, I can feel that wind and hear those waves and smell that water.

Alexiev said...

Great pict...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...


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Doris said...

Needed those words, exactly. Thanks.

Jaime said...

Beautiful words, and what a gorgeous accompanying photo!
The wind has been howling outside for a little over an hour now...how fitting that I should come visit you this night!

Jaime said...

Woah, I just realized that you haven't posted in such a long time...is everything ok, my friend?

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