Thursday, February 23, 2012


Perhaps I should have put a disclaimer on my last post. Here goes.

Disclaimer: The following post is not about me per se. Perhaps it is partially about me. Perhaps it is partially about all women.
I get these glimpses. It's rather odd. It is a pop of words, a glimpse of a story. It takes over my brain for a mere instant or two and I feel compelled to write it down but there is never any follow-up. The blip comes, calls to be perfected and leaves just as fast. It is never a full story, nor does it cry to be. It is just a glimpse of a story hidden somewhere, wanting to be seen yet to remain safely tucked away.

Yesterday as I was waiting in the van to pick up my daughter, one of these glimpses struck me. I wrote it down. This morning I nurtured it into being as full a glimpse as it wishes to be.

Does anyone understand this? Does this happen to anyone else?

Here is the glimpse...

p.s. the picture I played with was from a family walk this past December.


Jennifer Richardson said...

totally get it.
completely understand.
so there with you.
love it:)

Elena said...

Yes it precious droplets of dew...fragile & beautiful. Collect them, savor them, more will be revealed the more you honor the call.

John said...

Great post and it is true of life and all of us.

Jan said...

I can't say that it happens to me, not words so much anyway. I think I understand what you are trying to get across here and your story in the last post surely shows what you mean. But I experience something more akin to pictures and emotions that, as a non writer, I feel but cannot put into words like you can.

Caroline said...

Beautifully written. There is a sad truth to your words. I almost lost my voice...but then I woke up and began to roar! Thank god...

rachel awes said...

i too catch glimpses...
+ sometimes hear them fully
+ sometimes they escape my grasp completely... + they are always gift, always treasure.
i love that you've named them.

Laura said...

Hi there...How you doing? been a while just wanted to see how you're doing has a moment to stop by this fine Sunday morning.

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