Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Day, New Mood, New Attitude

Find yourself in a bad mood?
Change your attitude!

The rubber band idea is working.
You might think it a bit barbaric, but it actually works!
Every time I start having negative thoughts
or start feeling yell-y (ready to yell)
(yell-y may not be a real word but my first choice was crotchety so you pick)
I snap my rubber band.
Note to self: snap on back of wrist, not inside, to avoid numb fingers

I've been practicing the rubber band method of positivity for a few days now.
The method is a bit hard when those around you are the ones being negative.
I certainly don't want to snap myself for someone else dragging me down
so I am learning to walk away.

This morning, after I woke, I made myself a nice mug of green tea.
I sat down in my favorite chair and journaled. 
The last bit I wrote, was a list of gratitude.
I closed the journal and looked out the window.
This is what I saw...

Fog and Frost.
The perfect ingredients for a grey mood?
I think not!

I checked my attitude and grabbed my camera,
headed out the back door
and had some fun!

A week ago I would be frustrated at my lack of time to play.
I would feel inferior due to my status as a beginner (wishful) photographer wannabe.
I would wish for less shaky hands and time to edit.

I gleefully grabbed a few minutes in the snow in my slippers.
I am okay with beginning as you have to start somewhere.
I am thankful for my hands. Shake adds character to all that I do. tee hee
Time to edit? I'll get there. Time with my children is my number one.



april said...

Love these frosty photos! They're wonderful, Lynn!

Jan said...

Beautiful frost shots. Any snow man would be proud, just don't slip in your slippers.

Caroline said...

Love those frost shots. You are on to something here with the rubber band snapping. Sometimes it takes quite a few snaps to change a mood. But it is perspective too...and you proved that with this awesome shots you took!

Jess said...

Okay, I may have to try that rubber band idea.

What cool pictures! It was foggy here all day, and I was just twitching wanting to get out with my camera.

John said...

What great photographs Nacherluver, you are really "snapping" to it now. Well done!

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