Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


John said...

Feeling a bit sluggish today? I know, terrible pun.

gypsysticks said...

what a neat idea to have a wordless post!
your photography is beautiful and that little slug is too cute.

beth said...

sweetie....that picture is just plain dirty....
and totally cracked me do you see it ?

and YES...those leaves in my photo really were purple !

Courtney said...

Naughty!!!!! hahahahaha

nacherluver said...

Holy Crap Ladies! Where are your heads this evening? Do I have to save you from drowning in the gutters?
Too Funny!!!
I totally had to go back and look at the pic after reading the last two posts.
"What could they be talking about?"
After a second look, I sure got it alright!! Too funny :)
The shot was supposed to be about the slug, ladies, the Slug!!!
Yup. There it was in front of me. My daughter's hand looking rather fallacious. Perhaps I should have cropped the pic?
I'm always up for a good laugh!!!
ha ha ha ha!!!!

Silke said...

Oooo, beautiful - in a snail slimy sort of way... After I just saw your comment on my blog, I had to look up what "swak" meant - learned some new today!! Fun! Hugs, Silke

lori vliegen said...

in my efforts to completely avoid the obvious "mind in the gutter" comment......i'll just say "great shot"!!!!
xox, :))
p.s. i love all of your lists from your last post.....i dislike crabby people, too......xox

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