Wednesday, October 27, 2010

By Golly

It's Wednesday and while I considered eeking out of a post today
or making life easy with a "Wordless Wednesday" post,
By golly,
I actually have time today
and lots of words to share.

My blog has been quiet the past few days
ironically enough because my life
has been anything but quiet!

Today I share with you a Wordy Wednesday
filled with words describing
what has been keeping my blog quiet.

By golly, it's been a busy past few days
filled with...
pumpkin patches
movie watching
tea drinking
heating pads
pumpkin carving

field trips
truck buying
pumpkin carving

making new friends
60 mph wind gusting
friend supporting
story telling
blog reading
laundry folding

What new, wonderful, interesting words have been filling your days?


Caroline said...

Oh it has been a nice couple of days for you. Love the pumpkin patch. I need to do laundry...but I keep putting it off. And now I have heaps and heaps of laundry...and I am scared...ugh!

JoMo said...

Sounds busy but full of the wonderful bits and pieces of life. Enjoy every moment (even the laundry, if possible...)

John said...

My goodness Lynn, never a dull moment..............Good for you!

beth said...

busy is worries !

and now for that wind.....sheesh, it can leave already and never come back !!

Elena said...

What new words in my day? Puppy housebreaking! The neighbors must think I'm nuts chasing the pup yelling "pee pee, pee pee" and then clapping my hands saying "yay bravo good job".

gypsysticks said...

Well, I've think you've got me beat, but here's a few...
furniture moving
carpet cleaning
furniture moving
field tripping
dog walking
picture taking
art making
blog reading
shawl knitting...whew!
hope you're having a blessed
(and less blustery)
day :)

Jaime said...

I love a good wind storm.

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