Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've been stuck dealing with an energy vampire lately.
This vampire is coming at me with very strong negativity.
The attacks are becoming more frequent and longer lasting.
I am fighting the negativity with positivity.

Yesterday, I was wearing thin.
The attack was fervent.
My weapon was weakening and I was being pulled to the dark side.
In the end, I won but was worn way down.

Today I am look outside at the sunshine,
the colors, the beauty, the energy.
I am recharging my positivity reservoir
and preparing for another attack.

I am also hoping the attacker has found his way to the light.
Perhaps in taking my energy,
the attacker has stored some and replaced the negative
with the hijacked positive.

It will be a glorious day if I can keep my positive energy.

How about you?
Need a refill?
Look at these and drink it up!

Positive or negative.
No brainer.
I choose positivity!!!!


John said...

Wow, whar great photographs Lynn.

As for the "whatever" that is sucking your positive energy, breathe in the light, fill yourself with it.I am sending you light also. It is like garlic in the vampire movies.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

sometimes the right path is the hardest

Juliette Crane said...

yep. looking at these photos i feel fully recharged! my gosh it is a beautiful fall!

best wishes, juliette

Elena said...

Sending you positive thoughts so that your battery gets recharged quickly. But those Awesome photos have probably done the trick! Sending you huge supportive hugs!

beth said...

i think the change in weather does this to us...but yep...positive is the way to go :)

gypsysticks said...

what beautiful photos
and yay for you
for not letting the enemy steal your happy, positive, joy.
sending you POSITIVE
blessings and happiness!
today :)

Elena said...

I just saw your comment on my blog and I didn't know whether to laugh or hug you. I'm so sorry! Didn't mean to make you squirm!! Should I send the spidey to eat your energy vampires? Yep, they're real.

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