Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday's Happiness

What's making me happy this Monday?
Simple things.

Like this vase.

(and the beautiful age cracks inside)

which I purchased at an antique sale for only
to hold
these awesome Sharpies©

to start
this book

which is a gift I purchased for myself!!!!
(back of book pictured here scribed by me)

which you can find out how to purchase HERE.

I'm terribly excited to have found the book on a recent trip.
I have known of Keri's blog and book
(actually, she has many awesome books)
for some time but try hard to curb
any online charging as it is bad for the budget.  :(

But to run across it in person?

Well, that must be a sign, 

Let's ask Lennon.

He says, "Go for it Baby!"
That's good enough for me!

(more about the book/journal tomorrow... please stay tuned!)


John said...

Hi Lynn

Sometimes it is the simplest things that give the greatest pleasure, even more when it is shared. You go for it!

G-Pride Farm said...

I just love your vase. And since I am a pen/pencil collector, I too have those same sharpies. Your Lennon is very handsome. Good for you finding the journal. Looking forward to hearing about it soon.

beth said...

i love love love your new colored pen holder......

and i had that book and failed....i just don't take direction very well as i get

Elena said...

OOOOOH all those goodies! Love those webbed cracks (jeez what's w/ me and webs lately!). And that journal is cool. My son had one and loved it. Can't wait to see more. And thanks for your comments...see no spiders just for you.

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