Monday, October 4, 2010

the perfect protest

Stand in line, raise your sign and march, march, march.
If you are not perfect, join the protest!
Author Brene Brown has come up with  another brilliant
self-help book.
This one Titled "The Gifts of Imperfection"
You can learn more about her 
protest to perfection

I knew this was one protest I had to join as...
me too...
I... am not perfect.

I (like a lot of others joining the protest) tend to swear (a lot)
I don't always say nice things about myself
I hate doing my hair so I am always wash and go
I have big feet
I sweat (a lot)
I get angry more often than I like 
I talk too much
I have enough self-doubt I could donate some
I self-sabbotage
I can't say "no" very well (but I'm working on it)
I live in fear
I live mostly in t-shirts
I have loud, sometimes embarrassing laughs
I laugh out loud at things others don't find funny
I worry too much about what others might think
I am a perfectionist living in a home with slobs which makes me feel crazy at times
I'm a control freak
I'm short and will never be model thin
I can belch with the best of them
I find fart jokes hilarious
I tend to get defensive and judge people
I tried to own a dog but couldn't do it
I am chemically sensitive
I love kissing but don't get kissed much
I grab my husband's ass in public
I am completely freaked out by spiders

Then again...

I am a giving person
I am full of love
I wish more than anything for world peace and acceptance (yup, I'm one of those)
I have good skin
I love nature and take good care of her
I am an awesome mom
I am learning and growing in who I am all the time and strive to be a better person daily
I help people in need (even the old lady in the store)
I am aware of others feelings and try to never hurt anyone
I am in love with love
I dance freely in my home when the mood strikes and teach my children to do the same
I am creative
I can cook
I can hold a tune
I am neither overweight nor underweight to any extreme
I love to travel
I love to read
I know how to speak pig latin fluently  ;)
I am clean, courteous and conscientious
I am friendly
I have good hair
I love mornings and wake up cheery
I have a good sense of humor
I'm not afraid to have my picture taken in my pj's!


beth said...

i love this and need to get on the band wagon and get my sign and my list going....hopefully this week !!!

and do have great hair !!!

John said...

Hi Lynn

Great post. You are definately my type of person, why pretend to be something we are not! And you are quite correct, we seem to be in synch. today, amazing!

Jane said...

Yes indeed! Perfection is WAY overrated. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope to have more encaustic experiments to share. I also love your post about Beth and Juliette. Keep up the great attitude!

Courtney said...

Love this!!! and you!!!

aimee said...

fantastic!! thank you for being so honest... i relate to so many of the items on your list!

Monica said...

great lists fellow libran! and love the sign.

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