Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Write to Survive

I want to write.
I said it.
I really, really want to write.

I want to write something brilliant.
Something moving.
Something important and inspiring and...

The same advice is given over and over.
Write what you know.

What if people don't want to know what I know?
What if I don't want people to know what I know?
What if I don't even want to know what I know?
What if what I know doesn't matter?
What if I know too much? too little?

I want my words to matter.
I don't want them to be judged.
Good luck with that, right?

This piece of wood represents how I feel lately.
Weathered and worn yet beautiful to the right eye.
So much lost yet so much left.
Fragile yet strong.
Lying silently still, full of untold stories.

I often feel lost.
Perhaps more hidden.
Like the decomposing log in the woods.
Quietly blending in, trying to survive,
yet in spite of all efforts, slowly weathering away.
Waiting to be found, to be seen, to have its beauty and story noticed, captured, appreciated.

Weathered and worn after many a storm.
My eyes bore deeper into the decomposing layers.
The answer emerges gently.
Life. Inside.

Much of my story is that of survival.
I still have so much life inside.
Screw survival.
It's time to live!


Salem Witch Child said...

I'd say you've already written when you know. :)

I get that feeling of wanting to write but not knowing what to write. So I just take pen and paper and write down random words that come to me. Sometimes it's just gibberish, sometimes it turns into a lovely poem.

Caroline said...

You do write what you just did it here. I am learning...if it scares the shit out of must be the right thing. Don't be afraid to let your TRUE voice be heard. That is your calling card...what makes you special. Go girl!!!

Kim Mailhot said...

Live this one precious life and shine that one beautiful light from inside.
I think the world needs your words.

beth said...

i love your encaustic work and i love your words. you girl are living or you wouldn't be writing what you're writing here.....

i know some of your feelings...i really do....and right now, living is hard and winter reminds us of that everyday.....

i need spring to come, so i can feel and breathe and move around in my own skin.

when it warms up a bit, let's meet up with caroline and georgia....what do you say :)

beth said...

and then i see kim commented, too....maybe i can get her to come here to join us :)

Laura said...

Just keep doing it along the way dreams do come true...and you are a writer and you write wonderful..always specking your truth and not one elses..

John said...

Sharing your own unique story Navherluver as only you can, is a great gift and ultimately a source of strength for others.

Jennifer Richardson said...

you, my friend, are writing!
you're a writer
and your words sing:)
and I'm glad I get to read them,

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