Friday, January 18, 2013

Creativity Kicking In

My last post was a teaser to an idea I conjured up recently. My mind has been bubbling over with ideas lately. A few weeks ago my husband gifted me an iPad for our anniversary (I love you honey!). Something sparked inside my brain on a visit to our library a few days later. There is an adorable coffee shop in the basement that also sells used books. I spotted a book on a shelf that was just the right size and only $2 (what a steal).

I purchased the book and cut the cover off. Gulp! Yes. I destroyed a perfectly good (but old) book. Being a bibliophile, I used to have major issues with the thought of destroying books for any reason. I still have great respect for books and teach my children to respect books. That being said, I also found out how many old books end up in landfills every year. The landfill! 

Decorative paper lines the inside walls.

Taking old books and repurposing into useful items, reclaiming pages, spines etc... for the sake of art, or just plain recycling them makes so much more sense.

I got over my fear of destroying the book as my intentions were to make it useful in a different way. I turned it into a carry case for my iPad! The signatures are still intact and being enjoyed by my family as a coverless book. When we are done using the pages for historical lessons and viewing pleasure (gorgeous pictures), we will use them to create art. All remaining material will be recycled.

Win, win, win!

The sides of the carry case are made from strips of jeans material from an old torn pair of my son's jeans. The inside is lined with decorative paper covered pizza box panels. The carry handles came from a gift bag received years ago.

iPad carry case.

It was a challenge to create but I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.


beth said...

totally !!!

Jan said...

Cool! This turned out great. I have the same book on my shelf but I have no ipad so the book will stay up there. What a great idea!

Glenn Stenson said...


Laura said...

Great to see this and what a nice gift. Sweetie for a husband Ah?

julochka said...

wow! it turned out great and gave a worthy new life to that book!

Em said...

That is gorgeous! What a wonderful carry-case. Love, love, love it.

And happy anniversary!

John said...

Wow Nacherluver, how wonderfully creative and so Eco friendly. Beautiful piece!

Jennifer Richardson said...

soooooo clever, you:)
well done
and there you go inspiring me

G-Pride Farm said...

Wonderful idea. Very creative.

april said...

Love it! It's beautiful for your beautiful gift! You are something!

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