Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My head is full
swirling and twirling
mixing and hurling
words then thousand at a time.

Thoughts created
settling in my mind.

I open the page
the cold blank stare
who will care
about the words they find.

The depth of thought
I ought not,
better to leave behind.

Write what you know
is what I'm told
but what I know
isn't always kind.

There is pain and fear
and horrors to hear
most wish to stay blind.

Perhaps write what you learn
little bird as you grow
the seeds that are sown
are much more refined.

Share the joy at the end
of the lessons my friend
then you'll do just fine.

But I know what I know
and perhaps others will grow
if they open their mind
and see life through my eyes.

The one thing I fear
yet pray to hear
"You have been found and you are divine."

I dive into the page
slowly finding my way
fear subsides as I transcribe
the mess from which I hide.


John said...

Wonderfully written, I find too that writing creates some order from the chaos of thoughts.

Jennifer Richardson said...

this brings that sweet release
just reading about your process
and you wrote it down
so wonderfully:)

beth said...

this is beautiful....even though i don't understand all of it....but isn't that what poetry we write ourselves is all about? hidden secrets that only we know :)

Em said...

Difficult and beautiful.

I'm right there with you.

Laura said...

smooth as butter and followed simply, (smiles for you)

Glenn Stenson said...

The lessons you've learned
Write them all down
Save one soul from being burned
Before they too drown
Now it's your turn
To adorn the crown

Kim Mailhot said...

Write, Brave One, write. The world needs your bravery and your words.

Caroline said...

OMG...this is beautiful. And reading it was a treat for my eyes and my soul...so rhythmic.

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