Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For A Good Cause

    An idea has been rolling around in my head. Actually, that's been happening a lot lately. Recently I became aware of an organization called One Billion Rising and I want to rise with. 
    There are no events happening near me but I did find a site that was promoting an art show that was accepting entries. A meager $15 to enter a piece of art. Whether the piece is accepted or not, the entrance fee goes to support worthy causes for women. If the piece sells at show, a portion of the money is kept and donated as well.
     A picture came to my mind. I wanted to create it. Not a masterpiece for a museum. Simple storytelling. The Call for Entries stated "Entries should evoke a sense of women's empowerment and overcoming obstacles and/or be a celebration of the way the world can be when violence against women no longer exists."
     I created a piece. Not being exactly happy with it, hubby made suggestions and told me to create another. Once the pieces were created, I went back to the site to find the information. I knew I had to enter with an electronic file, then mail a check. What I overlooked was the fact that if a piece was accepted in to the show, it required hand delivery. Snafu city. The gallery is fifteen hours away! Drat.
     No event near me. No gallery entrance. No luck this go round. Perhaps I'll end up selling it in a local shop and send the proceeds to One Billion Rising or my local Women's Shelter. 
     I give myself an "E" for effort. A step up from an "F" at least! Anyway, here are the encaustic pieces for what they're worth.  


John said...

Love the work. A plus from me for effort and artistic content!

Uta said...

Love this!!! A big fat 'A' from me.

Elena said...

Scratch that last sentence. You did a fantastic job. You know how I feel about powerful and simplified messages and you captured this perfectly. I can see it now that I'm on the real computer ;) . Whatever you decide to do with the piece now, submit or sell, I think perhaps it served a purpose...gave voice to something important. Rock on Sweets...keep honoring your beautiful spirit.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love this!
Your heart and the expression
that pours out of it
are worthy of protection
from feeling graded
....so wonderfully accepted
and valued and seen,
really seen,
for the beauty that is there.
Childlike and pure and real
...can there be anything more lovely.
bravo, brave you:)

Laura said...

Cool Lynn

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