Friday, December 14, 2012


finding center
dancing without falling
playing, praying, searching
moments overflow with pleasure
crash into each other with such force
finding self upside down and inside out
unable to breathe, unable to find the light
twist and turn, find footing, stand tall and firm
the light above shining down with such love
always there for the taking, just waiting
to be noticed again, grasped again
shines down onto crown
filling you whole
entire soul
lit up


beth said...

your art is beautiful....i have a box full of those typewriter keys.....just saying :)

i'm waiting for my entire soul to be filled up...i know it's coming.....xo

Em said...

Oh my gosh, I love that!

John said...

You have excelled yourself Nacherluver, love it!

Jennifer Richardson said...

a million yeses to your
beautiful ornament of pure
raw balance so artfully crafted
with love:)
(i feel the love)
a very peaceful thanks,

rachel awes said...

awesome poem!

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