Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is 12-12-12
In WI that means it's Aaron Rogers Day. (Packers #12)
In Las Vegas it means record wedding day (for luck)
In my house it means less than two weeks until Christmas and I don't have anything done!
Today is a day of cleaning, decorating, shopping and preparing for a few days of baking.

I had no warning that it was going to be a magical number day.
It doesn't feel magical.
I missed all the hype.
I've been too preoccupied with the numbers 12-21-12.
A flip of two numbers and the meaning is entirely changed.
From good luck
the end of the world.
All due to the order of two little digits.

I'm a bit more optimistic than that. 
I see 12-21-12 as the possibility of a new world.

With so many people focusing on the day being the possibility of the end of the world, even if they're not committed to believing it's really going to happen, the date has at least brought about an awareness of the possibility, which gets people thinking about what matters, what they want to change, how precious life is and how very fleeting. There is a movement of spiritual awakening happening across the globe and I believe there are many people focusing on the date as not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. Raising an awareness of "we're all in it together" and "we are all connected". I believe with so much energy focused on one single day (and it has been focused there for some time) there is great potential that all the collected energy could mean big change. My hope it that it is a day of big positive change. The world won't end. Some will be laughing at the silliness of it all which will cover the globe in laughter. Some will be secretly relieved and relax filling the waves with calm happiness. Some will mark it as a day to make positive changes (like a second chance) putting more positive energy out there. It will be a day of Global Positivity and hopefully with enough love and positivity charging up the universe, it will be the first day of a new world. A world of people recognizing just how amazing the world actually is, how precious life is. How good happiness and love feel, and they will want to keep that feeling alive.


Uta said...

I had 12/12/12 yesterday. So here's a question. Seeing my time zone is before yours do they predict my part of the world will end before yours??? How can the whole world end on a particular date if that date isn't global? Just a thought from my silly head ...

beth said...

we went out for lunch today and sat next to college kids with their jerseys on....aaron rogers jerseys :)

only in wisconsin !!!

and 12-21-12 i think will feel just like any other day except for seeing tons of people looking oner their shoulders "just in case" something's coming :)
hugs !

Jennifer Richardson said...

your wonderful wooden beads
are still here today
for us to enjoy.
imagine that:)
happy all of the rest of your days,

april said...

I do like your idea of 12/21; a second chance. I always think of that on 1/1 - a new chance to get it right.

Glenn Stenson said...

I'm so old I remember 8/8/88. Took my first limo ride that night with friends. I am planning on 12/22/12 being a glorious day!

John said...

Great post, good luck with your schedule. As for the date, well it is the date we fly back to the UK for Christmas. So I'll certainly be "up in the air" with it! :)

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