Thursday, December 6, 2012



Permission granted, photograph and poem © E. H. Thumm

Soaking away the worries
washing away the tears
leaving behind the hurries
drowning all my fears.

Hot water calming
candlelight fills the room
underwater sounding
comforting like a womb.

Meditation finds me
unsteady feelings relax away
peaceful, calm and free
praying for ease to stay.

Naked, raw and real
it is a moment of truth
sacred space to heal
all the pain of my youth.

~ E. H. Thumm


beth said...

i wish all the soaking and washing and leaving behind and drowning would last forever.....

wonderful words !!!

Robin said...

Love that poem and the photo is SUPERB!!!! I assume it's yours???

Robin said...

Oops.....silly me.....just saw the permission granted. Still.....the 2 together.....awesome. Hope you are soaking and healing!!

Robin said...
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Kim Mailhot said...

Makes me once more lament that I don't have a tit tub, but a shallow tub that leaves much to be desired in the soaking department...maybe some day.

May your soak bring you peace...;-)

Jan said...

Nice words, nice photo. Hot water, what a lovely luxury.

Anonymous said...

wonderful words, thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Richardson said...

soaking, soaking, soaking
it in:)
big warm thanks,

Anna Murfield said...

That's how I do it. Thanks for sharing!

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