Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This blog has been quiet lately
I have been feeling quiet.
It feels good so I'm going with it.

I have taken to walking in the wee hours of the morning.
The light is absolutely irresistible.
The sun slowly rises and peeks through the trees like a child peering out from the covers,
"Is it morning yet?"
The rays stretch long and hard.
Day breaks through dusk with full serenade from feathered friends.

We splurged.
A canoe.
Early birthday present for yours truly.
Not in the budget.

Value of peace and serenity?

It's been a long, hard summer.
I have spent a lot of time thinking, reflecting, learning. 

The rest of the summer will be spent living in the moment
appreciating exactly what is in front of me.

Which is everything.


Caroline said...

I love this post...yes, go with it. xo

John said...

My favorite time too nacherluver. And what a great early birthday present, looks beautiful on the water.

Elena said...

Simply gorgeous

april said...

Oh...what a beautiful post. Breathtaking...

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh friend, i feel this to my bones and beyond.
your canoe is genius....so glad
with and for you.
(and about you....you do inspire me so)
hope this tinge of change in the air
splashes the hard
with hopeful.
love and grace,

Jess said...

I'm finding that a season of quiet blog is okay too. There is more to life.

Laura said...

Oh to be that close to water and smoothly pad across...something the elders created just for that purpose of quiet movement..how luckly lady..enjoy.

Jaime said...

Quiet. Yes, I deeply understand quiet. And how beautifully you've captured the quiet, my friend. xo

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