Friday, August 3, 2012

The Climb

I am a vine
climbing toward glory
clinging to my path the best I know how.

Dark skies move in carrying dangerous winds.
I am tried and tested.
I cling tight.

Reaching and stretching, gaining and growing.
My roots may be short but my reach is long.
I climb on.

Unwelcome guests may enter my space
pulling and tugging,
attempting to sabotage my growth.

I see the light and climb
higher and higher
drawing sustenance from that which grounds me.

Some days leave me tattered and torn.
Weathering storms and droughts
my will is strong.

Do you see me as weed,
as leaf, as vine?
I know God sees me as purely divine.

With Faith, I climb on.


John said...

Wow what an inspired piece of philosophy Nacherluver.

Jennifer Richardson said...

gorgeous.....i think i'm gonna go
with gorgeous:)
yep, grafted into the light.
love and happy climbing
to you,

Laura said...

Beautiful Lynn

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