Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Love (camper style)

I love camping!!!
The great outdoors.
Late nights by the fire.
Imaginative children embracing the woods.

I used to be a tent camper.
Physical conditions caused me to move to a pop-up.
The family outgrew the pop-up.
Now we stay in cabins.

Some day,
I would LOVE to buy a vintage camper.
There's just something about them.
They seem to add an extra dose of dreamy fun.

For now, I will covet the campers of others
and all things vintage camper.

For your viewing pleasure...

Artsy Orange is run by the magnificent artist/blogger Jenni Horne.
Read about her vintage camper t-shirts here.
View adorable children's camper art (class taught by Jenni) here.

You absolutely HAVE TO check out this website for a plethora of
vintage camper eye candy.

Here is another one.

has some amazing teardrop campers.
Built new with that vintage feel.

Perhaps perusing the pictures all morning will keep
your inner gypsy at bay.
If not, perhaps it's time to hit the open road
and do some camping!


Jenni Horne said...

OOOO...thanks for including me in your summer post!! I do love a cute camper!!

beth said...

did you know that for real, i want one of those little campers to fix up and use as a prop and/or a studio in my backyard....oh yes i do :)

John said...

I love camping too but I am not to bothered about tenets as the couple of tines I tried putting the tent up must have been some form of rain dance.... I love the camper vans...... Oh yes I´d like one of them!

lilabraga said...

Gosh, how I miss camping!!!...i loveeee it to bits!
This post is so nostalgic to me!

G-Pride Farm said...

I want one to live in at farm a few days a week. Then back to my little house. But yes, loved camping years ago, tent and all. I still have one too. Just don't think it would work at farm, the ground is way to hard on these old bones.

S.E.Minegar said...

Hey! So nice to stop by again. I have been practicing an unplugged summer, so I haven't been checking in with my fav. blogs regularly. Love the campers!! My dream is to buy an old airstream and make it into a studio/den for writing/crafting!


Elena said...

Wow I was more 'out of it' than I thought! I could have sworn I commented. Love camping. Loved this post. I can definitely see you in this camper.

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