Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lucky Me!!!!

I entered a drawing a bit ago posted at the awesome blog

I didn't win.

In her announcement of the winner
she offered the chance to win another prize.
A spot in the
with the talented

Once again, I didn't win. 
The winner wasn't able to follow through on the class.
Guess what?????
I was the second runner up!!!
I won a spot in the class.

The first series of assignments are certainly
bringing out any artistic savant in me
they have been good for me.
It's all about playing
and doing.
Not thinking.

Something I definitely need practice in.

Your assignment today is to do one thing freely.

 ~ Create a piece of art without putting thought to it (perhaps work to music).
 ~ Write a poem or letter and let the words flow without judgment.
 ~ Take pictures without over analyzing the shot. Just point and shoot and see what you get.
 ~ Cook up a storm. Make up a new recipe for a soup or salad with ingredients you have on hand.
 ~ Take a walk and when you come upon a park, swing, teeter totter, slide without thought to what you look like or what others think.

Do one thing freely.
Baby steps.
Practice to living freely.

That's your assignment from me.
Now go.
Be free!


John said...

It is great to be
so wonderfuly free.

Good for you Nacherluver

beth said...

i tend to live freely....somewhat like a child....often. does that count ?

Caroline said...

Congrats!!! Live freely...yes, I am trying. xoxo

Jess said...

Now that sounds like the coolest class. How fab that you won a seat!

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