Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Gypsy

There is a gypsy living within me.
She pokes and prods and needles me.
Trying to get her way.
Wanting me to run.
To flee.
To kill her misery of being trapped too long in one spot.

She loves to travel and dance and wear loud colors.
She peeks at the world through my eyes and whispers...
"Why do you stay here? Where are your fancy clothes? When can we go and play?"

To which I shush her and answer, "Not now my Dear Gypsy. You see, I have family.
I care for them and feed them and they depend on me.
I must stay here in my conservative clothes and live my stay put life.
Some day. Some day we will travel and play and be free."

"Bring them with if you must but we have to go! I MUST GO!!!!" she screams from within.

"I cannot afford to travel the world with four children in tow.
It is a dream of mine but it is not possible on the salary
of a Domestic Engineer.
How about a nice trip to the lake?
Or a walk in the woods?
Care to shop at the market?
They have pretty scarves there!"
 "Scarves? Well... if we must. 
But promise me. We will wander soon.
We will travel far and wide and be free."

"Yes my Gypsy. Some day we will travel free."

 (Tree of Knowledge)


 (Release of the Inner Beast)


John said...

How many people live in there with you Nacherluver, there is at least Gertrude, The Gypsy and you? :) I know the Gypsies cousin lives in Helen and I believe I may have a relative too...........

I love your work, all of it, I take it the Gypsy has elbowed Gertrude out of the way? :)

nacherluver said...

Thanks for the compliment on my pieces John. :)
Yeah. Feels pretty crowded in here sometimes! Love that parts of me may be related to parts of the two of you. Hee hee!

beth said...

hee hee....i have a gypsy inside me, too....sometimes i call her my caravan girl....

and WHOA....look at the artwork !!!

Jane Davies said...

Love these pieces! And the gypsy too. Are these encaustic?

nacherluver said...

Thanks! and yes, they are encaustic.

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