Saturday, June 26, 2010

Noisy Art

We're heading off to a chainsaw carving event today. There will be 18 chainsaw carving, food, and fun!

My uberly talented husband picked up this hobby a little over a year ago. He is one of the most talented people I have ever met. He can draw, sculpt, build, you name it and he can do it! Never quite finding the right outlet, he came across a chainsaw carver a few years back and was absolutely taken. He studied the internet, borrowed library books and absorbed all the information he could find. Starting out with a borrowed chainsaw, he eventually built up his arsenal to include a couple of his own carving saws along with a plethora of other helpful tools.

His carvings were instantly beautiful and professional. He sells them from home, has a few displayed in a local shop and has given them as gifts.

I'm hoping this event will be inspiring, educational and confidence building for him. As far as the rest of us? It will be just plain fun!!!

Here are a few of my darling husband's carvings. I know, brilliant, right????

1 comment:

Shona Cole said...

wow, these are brilliant. kudos to your dh

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