Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Down Day... or is it Up?

What a crazy, good, long weekend!
Work, work and more work.
We did yard work,
house work,
summer prep work
more work.
It was hot, tiring and muscle fatiguing.
We wrapped the long weekend up with some homemade focaccia bread
and homemade soup au du leftovers :)

All that hard work has my thighs so sore and tight
I can hardly walk.
My wrists are so weak and affected I'm wearing my brace.

Today I am having a down day. Or is it up?
Spending the day with a friend in a quaint little shop town.
Will have lunch at a coffee shop and take in all the beauty of the area.

Hoping to have some wonderful pics to share tomorrow.

Wishing you a happy Tuesday as well!

P.S. Planning a fairy garden to build with the little ones.
Check out these cute etsy finds!!!
Great inspiration, no?!!!!!

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Desiree said...

Blog looks beautiful!! xoxox

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