Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Monster is Coming!!!!

The older I get, the worse my PMS has become. Like seriously worse!!!! Today I am literally having trouble being around myself! Aack! That's the worse! Other people think they have it so bad. So they get snapped at, cried at and confused by my mood antics. What the hell do they think it feels like to be me? I get so jumpy inside I want to escape my skin!!! My nerves are frazzled, my hair feels like shit, I can't seem to do anything without dropping something and my Fibro is flaring!!! If the family doesn't like it, they can leave the room. Me? I'm trapped with myself!!!!

Thought I would distract myself with bread making today. Turned out to be a disaster! Tried working on a journal I'm making, broke the blessed needle stitching by hand! Took a shower, accidentally shampooed twice and forgot the cream rinse making my hair a major hay field. Crap! Would love to take a nap but my mind is whirring. Even having trouble forming thoughts for this post!

Not even going to attempt to be creative with a picture. My mood feels like the storm cloud that was looming over my house last week.  Anyone have a holistic approach to dealing with this shit? Would love your responses. Just remember, approach gingerly.  ;)  See? At least I haven't lost my sense of humor!


*mary* said...

I am going through this too. It is awful. I'm sorry. I don't really know what will help. Chamomile tea is good for taking the edge a little, though. Best of luck! (We both need it!)

G-Pride Farm said...

Oh and I thought I was alone in feeling life sucks from PMS. I feel like I am pulling up sweaty underware and everything is crooked and won't straighten, therefore I want to just take it all off and have nothing touching me, weird scenero but accurate for what I am going thru at those times. And body temp, I live in a steamy bathroom, even in front of the open freezer door. A remedy? I spend as much time alone as possible and pray for strength to get thru another day without needing a lawyer.

PBsArtStudio said...

HI.. You really made me laugh with this post, not because its funny to go through that but you just have a way with words... any way thought I'd come by and give my two cents worth.. I went through a lot of that stuff and I believe in natural medicine so I really researched it and found a few books and natural things that really helped me... not sure if you'd like me to post this on here, but I have some great info that might help, let me know and I'll send it to you. :D Patti
I just hate to see women suffer with this stuff!!!and the cure is quite simple. Patti :D

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