Friday, June 18, 2010

Stepped in Something

Woke in the middle of the night in a total panic. I heard a door rattling and my daughter sobbing.
Went to her room to check on her and she was not there.
Followed the sobs and rattling to find her half asleep and fear stricken.
She had locked herself in the bathroom in the dark.

Hugged the badness away and had her tucked safely in
when I noticed the sky lighting up repeatedly. 
Turned on the t.v. to check the weather.
Major line of storms moving our way.

Went through the house to shut all the windows
and slid, barefooted, in a pile of cat vomit
on the kitchen linoleum floor.

Cleaned foot and floor, 
prepared for storm
and tried to sleep.

Woke at 6am groggy from lack of sleep.
Found gazebo toppled and broke from wind,
pool cover had blown and spun and sunk in pool.
Woke teen for his summer job and headed out the door to take him to work
only to
Step On and Slide on A BIG SLUG!!!!!
again with bare feet...

Wondering what this day is preparing me for.

Since "things" happen in threes,
I'm thinking I should go walk around my neighbor's yard (he has a dog)
and get it over with!


lori vliegen said...

here's to a better night's sleep tonight.....and maybe putting your shoes on before entering your neighbor's yard..... :))))

have a great weekend!!

Elena said...

HeeHee! Ok not laughing at you but too funny. We have to get you slippers! Thanks for your comment on my blog today. That WI fair sounds like it may have been fun.

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