Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A much needed message

I received a message from the universe yesterday. It was much needed.

I tend to question myself, not believe in myself, sit stagnant due to fear of judgment. I am very good at coaching others, at helping others, at being positive for others. The same does not tend to go for myself.

I have been stuck lately. Not moving on in my life in any way, shape or form due to fears, insecurities and self-judgment.

A couple of very wise and creative women (who's blogs I happen to follow) have been blogging about the same, if not similar messages. They have been sharing words of wisdom on how to overcome their obstacles. See the wise words of Elena, Beth, Caroline, and Trish.

Then I get a beautiful note from the universe. I share it with you here in case you need the message as well.

Life itself,
- not your friends, partners, or peers -
is your source.
Dance with life.
Dance with me.
Dance, no matter what others may think, say, or do.
You can have it all.
1, 2, 3, lean, dip, shake -
The Universe

Now it's time to fly! To Soar! To free myself!

Would you love to get wise and inspiring messages from the universe? Check out this link to sign up for "notes from the universe" delivered directly to your in-box and check out these books!!!!


lori vliegen said...

yep, time to put on your dancing shoes.....here's to life itself!!! :))))

Elena said...

You mentioned me! And I sure could relate to everything you said. So I say, let's all just dance! Love the message and thanks for the links.

Diane Duda said...

what a wonderful "universe note"!
thanks for sharing. :)
(i'm following you too)


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