Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am on my way.
I am yelling to the universe.
I will no longer be blocked!
I will knock down all walls that do not serve me well!
I will dream and create and move forward!
I will step up in life and start living my dream!
I will live and love and laugh!
I will embrace positivity and possibility.
I will be a shining example of all that is possible
for myself and for my children.

I will start this journey of becoming unblocked

by knocking all negative blocks down
and using them to create

I have started with a handful of blocks
which darling husband cut for me.
I sanded, painted
and added some of my photos.

Not sure what will come next...
but it will be brilliant!!!

What blocks you in life? Lack of time? Willpower? Confidence? What are you blocked from? Your dreams? Your art? Your spirituality? How can you knock down your (block) wall? What will you do with the blocks?


Desiree said...

beautiful. YES!

*mary* said...

I love those! It would be cool to take one big print and cut it into pieces and hang it on the wall like that.

And lack of time to do everything is definitely a block for me.

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