Thursday, May 13, 2010


One of my beautiful fellow bloggers
entered a post today and posed the question
to her readers asking if they knew what it was like
to live fearless.

The one thing she states she is never fearful of
is sharing her artwork with her readers.

Funny. That's one of the things I most fear!!!

I'm not very good at vulnerability.

Art in any form is an expression of self
from deep within.

I love to create but rarely do it
simply because I know
I'm no Picasso,
or Mozart,
or Martha Stewart for that matter.

But I am me. I am original.
I am expressive.
and I want to be fearless of creating.

Thank you Silke for inspiring me to share
a little piece of me :)

(little wood block, painted edges, photo taken in a prairie, encaustic medium & technique added along with a friendly little spider)

Whew! That wasn't so bad.
Now to get the guts to put it in my Etsy Shop.


Silke said...

Dear Lynn, this is GORGEOUS!! I love the colors and the design. Plus, the encaustic medium - haven't worked with that yet and it always intrigues me!! And then the spider ... fun, fun, fun!! Good for you for jumping right in. Nothing to fear at all!! Love, Silke

*mary* said...

I really love this. I probably would have skipped Spidey, but only because I have developed a terrible fear of them in the past year or two. I think they look cool but when they start taking over your basement- it's a different story! So living fearlessly is something I definitely need to work on.

But yeah- the texture and colors are lovely! Good work.

Silke said...

Hi!! Thanks for your visit today!! We finally got those book cases a couple of years ago from Ikea and just love them! Amazing how quickly they fill up... Hugs, Silke

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