Friday, April 30, 2010

Say What?!?!

I've been thinking lately,
or at least trying to.
I have fibromyalsia
which often causes me to live in "fibro fog".
I'm also mom to four with "mom brain".
I struggle with organization,
remembering things and focusing.
Do you think I would be diagnosed
as a classic case of ADD?
I was going to look it up
but I keep forgetting to!

Ha ha ha ha! How ironic!

Have a happy and silly Friday!
Life gives us lots to laugh about :)

~ (insert belly laugh here) ~


G-Pride Farm said...

Back when I was younger, they didn't have names for all the things like they have now days. lol I just call it human nature. Somedays we got it together, somedays we don't. I have just learned to take each day as it comes, and hope for the best for tomorrow. Hang in there. Life is full of fun.

Leslie said...

...women with low-esteem, pessimistic views, and tendencies towards stress are often prone to clinical depression. Women and girls with ADD (ADHD) clearly fit this picture.Girls with ADD (ADHD) are often misdiagnosed with depression.
I got diagnosed with ADD after high school. They didn't catch it cause I was smart enough to get good grades, but I never really worked at it... and I was a day dreamer. That makes me wonder, how many soul seeking, day dreaming, deep thinking creative women have ADD? Instead of Attention Deficit Disorder it should be called Another Daydream Disorder.

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