Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Lost My Groove

I can't believe I lost my blog groove! I've looked everywhere! One simple hiatus followed by a trip to Florida and it is gone, gone, gone. I guess I'll have to fake it to make it. Come up with a new groove. Head in a new direction. Play around. 

In order to get the ball rolling, I am starting off with a post of random "stuff" (I love random)...

stingrays at the aquarium in Tampa

lovely little flowers at Saddlebrook Resort

palm with ferns growing on it - cool!

cypress trees (always wondered what they looked like - here are the bottoms!)

tootsie meets gator

I picked up a book at the library a few days ago.
by Randel Plowman
It's fun, colorful and easy to read. It's also full of good information!
For instance, the author shares some great online resources for downloadable images to use in your art. Some are completely copyright free, others supply notes and restrictions on how the images may be used. I can't wait to check them out!

Library of Congress Image Database (has notes on restrictions & copyright use)
Library of Congress' Flickr Photostream (no known copyright restrictions)
Reusable Art (copyright free in the US)
Karen's Whimsy (free images courtesy of the author)
Public Domain Pictures (royalty-free stock photos)

Here are a few I have been enjoying lately.
David O'Keefe has so much fun and whimsy in his paintings, one cannot help but spread a smile across one's face while indulging in his art.
Chasing the Moon - an up and coming jewelry artist who just happens to be holding a give-a-way!
Jenni Horne whom I have been a fan of for many years now. She paints, she makes jewelry, she teaches art to young children, she inspires! I just love her whimsical style and her cheery use of color. I always feel good after spending time in her space.
I love her even more now that she has introduced me to these delicious paints! I must get my hands on some. Pronto!

Alrighty. Enough random time wasting. Back to work for me. Now... where did I put that 'to-do' list anyway... (shuffle shuffle shuffle).

Hey you! You still here? Well bless your heart for staying through to the end. I want you to know how much I truly appreciate you, my dear reader. I truly, truly do. Thank you for making me feel even a wee bit worthy of your time. What a precious gift you have given me. Thank you!


John said...

So good to see you blogging again and of course as always a very interesting and enjoyable read. Photos are fantastic too.

beth said...

i misplace mine all the happens !!

and the note to your grandma below....sooooo special !

april said...

Love your random-ness! I have that book too - it's fun. I do some of the exercises with my class.

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love feels like
such a comfy soul fit.
thanks for sharing the beauty
you found in yours:)

Jamie Burch said...

I love randomness! Thank you for sharing these lovely images. Hope you grind your groove again soon. ((hugs))

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